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Last Minute Small Adventure

Last minute plans to do something and we end up in Newcastle in antic furniture shop, going for food, cloths shops and space golf. A last minute though before rushing out the house was to grab my polaroid just incase and My gosh I’m happy I did! So happy with these photos, enjoy

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 21.44

Placement- Supertato Event

I had the fantastic opportunity last week to Photograph Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet with their children’s story Supertato Event and Book signing. Children go wild for the character Supertato who of course is a super hero potato. It was a great event to photograph, Paul read/acted out the story with props and voices too. The children and their parents/carers got involved in the story like a pantomime.

I really enjoyed the session and photographing the moments for the use on Social Media.

Placement- Magpie & Nest Studio Takeover

collage 1

Photographing the exhibit in the studio being used by the public. The space is used for children to take part in craft workshops and share with their families/carers and enjoy.
These photos are will mainly be used for Social Media content and brochure




Placement- Tour Photos

Magpies and The Nest Event

I had the chance to photograph Nest Makers & Magpies Nest tour.

Photographing the tour was a challenge with children unpredictably running around. Parents trying to avoid the camera but also trying to photograph their child on their phones, sometimes just in my shot. Children can be difficult to photograph either they hide away or spend their time watching the photographer and nothing else. Majority of the time children and parents forget you are their and you can get the perfect shot.

I am pleased with the photos and they are great for the company’s website and social media pages to advertise the ongoing event. 

Placement- Product Photography

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I have had the chance to photograph products for the bookshop’s website, Facebook shop and social media content.

I photographed the products for the shops website on a plan white background using a mini fold up studio kit. Which works well. The Bag however would not fit in the mini studio kit and was photographed with a white wall behind. The other product where photographed on location/ in use. Check out the Facebook shop which I have started setting up 

Placement- Author Workshop

Bank Heist Work Shop

Photographing Jim Whalley’s Work shops in promotion for his first book Baby’s First Bank Heist. There where two work shops, the first for under 10’s featuring Whalley reading his book, burglar mask making and a bank heist game. The next for 10+ which entitled a work shop on writing and rhyming skills. The children and their parents got involved in writing their own pomes using rhyme and couplets.

All in all a great session to photograph, for the website and social media pages.

Placement- Book Signing

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I had the chance to photograph the writer Jim Whalley at his book signing of Baby’s First Bank Heist in the Seven Stories Book Shop. Such a lovely man with a great book!

These photos where used mainly for the social media pages of Seven Stories.

Placement- Sensory Session

sensory event

I had the most wonderful chance to Photograph the first sensory session for Children here at my placement, at Seven Stories. The incredible team of ‘Story Catchers’ that work there have the ability to tap into every sense, working closely with less abled children and their parents/carers. This experience was so magical, seeing the children and their parent/carer smile and enjoy the session is beautiful.

I loved photographing the session which was at times very challenging with fast moments and limed lighting. The images will be used for the sessions adverts and social media content. Here are a small selection with limited images of children for discretion, and of the session to not ruin the magic of the experience.

Placement- The beginning


So I’m just over a month in on my placement as ‘Digital Bookshop Assistant’ at Seven Stories, The National Centre of Children’s Books Newcastle.  I’m really enjoying it, it’s such a fantastic opportunity too.

My main role is to work with the Bookshop and their online shop.

In my first week or so I photographed the building for the company brochure, online PDF file and some Social Media content. The more time I spend in the visitors centre the more I love what the company do.

I will be posting more of my progress and work form my time at placement.

Getting ready

(From a few weeks ago)
I headed down the the exhibit as it was being installed for a sneak peak. The installers allowed me to photograph them in the process and they told me how the project. They explained how the project came about and the ideas behind the inspiration too.

I watched the space be transformed for the Magpies and the Nest Takeover in the studio at Seven Stories.  A few of these photos maybe featured on their social media page. However this might actually be an exclusive look behind the scenes.

Placement Progress

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 21.11.32.png

So I started a placement at Seven Stories – The National Centre for Children’s Books Museum in Newcastle. I get the chance to photograph, Video and create digital content for their website, social media platforms and leaflets.

I recently had the chance to write a blog post for their official website blog. It’s exciting and Harry Potter related too. I really enjoyed the research. However its been a while since I have wrote a blog post so don’t judge too much. Please click the link and check out the post and over all website.

Reflection- A Year Since Graduation


At the Royal Academy admiring the artwork

So a year on from graduation and how’s life?

     No-one prepares you for the months of applying for jobs and not hearing back. The constant knock backs and automated declines. Even applying for part time retail/bar work is hard to come by.
     Well I’ve been working at a supermarket for 8 months or so now. The 6am shifts have me feeling nocternal. I’m on a whole different time scale of a day to other people. On the plus side I’ve learnt how to nap unfortunately I now struggle to get through the day without one. But it’s money and something to do I guess.
     Personal life, the 6am shifts over weekends make me feel like a zombie. Clashing sheduals with family, friends and my long distance boyfriend. Doing so much overtime a week making myself so run down. My overall mental health hasn’t been great. I suffered such creative block and lack of inspiration but I have managed to photograph a few small projects such as friends gig’s, pass port photos and family portraits.

     However I’m currently I’m doing a placement alongside working in the super market. It’s only temporary but it’s a creative space. I actually get to use my skills from my degree to photograph, video and design things for their website/social media. It’s progress but it’s took a year since graduation to get such an small temporary opportunity.

Onwards and upwards I hope, here is to the future.

Escape to London

Quick trip to London to indulge in exhibitions and culture!
On my first day I visited the Royal Academy exhibition which this year was curated by the wonderful and Colourful Greyson Perry. Seeing work by the likes of Greyson Perry, Banksy, David Shrigley and Michael Landy. Then to see the iconic Dorothea Lange exhibition at the Barbican, sadly no photogrpahy allowed inside the exhibit.

Finally on my last day I saw Alex Prager exhibition at The Photographers Gallery. Beautiful cinematic and fantastic video pieces. Such gorgeous images and such inspirational work.

I left feeling creatively inspired and slightly relaxed from constant overtime shifts, 6 days a week.