Star Cult Gig

So the other day I decided to get the camera out again because its been a while. I’ve got a new macro lens and I had the perfect opportunity to use it at my fiends gig. They supported some incredible bands and it was a brilliant night. 😀 Here are a few of my favourite shots of the band. Please check them out at



unclear future


Right now the future is a blur and the past is very clear. My creative levels are beyond low and my days filled with job searching in any field. Sadly I live in a place with little opportunity for young people.

I’m stuck in nothingness, now a postgraduate and very unsure of the future. I’m unable to decide a career. I am no longer a student however I feel my learning and practice aren’t over yet. Trying to remain positive and hoping to be post more work soon.

So I made a Facebook page

So I finally got around to making myself a photography page on Facebook including some of my favourite work.  This doesn’t mean I’m stopping my blog, I will still post as often as I can. I may use it as a platform for my more personal work.
To any of my follows please show your support and give it a like, It’s very much appreciated! 

Exhibition (See photos for real title)

Collaborating with local community E. E. NE (Extraterrestrial Experience North East) to raise awareness of the possibilities of extraterrestrial invasion. The Artist worked closely with a community member Sam Blackmore, inventor, who creates numerous devices to help improve his lifestyle. Photographing members of E. E. NE and following their stories of extraterrestrial interactions, documenting exact locations of alleged incidents.

Do we simply see what we believe or do we believe what we see?

Preview of my exhibition piece

As seen in my previous post I announced the name and a few clues in the tags about my current work. Here another teaser and a preview of a small part of my work within  upcoming disclosure exhibition. Keep following my posts more announcements soon. Keep watching the skies

Link to our Facebook page which will be announcing more soon

Check out our website in progress

Found and Experimental

Found an interesting black and white neg lying unclaimed in the lost and found. I scanned it, and used a few apps to experiment with filters and colours. Then rephotographed it on my phone from a screen to get the wired line effect. It started out as some procrastination and curiosity then ended up with something pretty interesting. 

My photos featured in two local magazines!

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 20.31.20

Two of my photos from Moon Rover shoot featured in local magazines and online magazines!

See band interviews here:


Check out their Facebook page here:


New Year Edinburgh


Nice start to 2017 a spontaneous day trip to Edinburgh to cheer up a dear friend of mine. Dull weather but a beautiful day exploring one of my favourite cities. Saw the BP portrait awards and ate lovely food all in great company.

Hoping for more travels no matter how big or small in 2017. Wishing for a succesful and positive year ahead.

Case Study: A1124NE

(Digital prints and a silent Video piece)

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Case Study: A1124NE‘ is comprised of prints and a video piece which explore the possibilities of the objects, initiating dialogue on their possibilities. It can offer potential, reality or fantasy.

In presenting this work the viewer is exposed to a collection of forensic evidence gathered by a government agency, the Unidentified Objects Government Research Agency. (U.O.G.R.A) The prints carry the co-ordinates information, hinting that there is an investigative manner to the work. The prints are presented black and white and square format, evocative of the 1960’s when UFO’s were a popular phenomenon for photographs, news and media.

The video is recorded with a level of instability to exaggerate the sense of an amateur documentation whilst witnessing a forensic investigation in various locations.

The work’s philosophy experiments with putting a narrative of possibilities to everyday scenes and objects, manipulating images reminiscent of previous decades where technology and science were the answer to everything. Both technology and science have evolved making advances, offering solutions to problems but still there are unanswered questions, inexplicable findings throughout the world.

Could there be more than meets the eye with these images?

Fogged but sort of relevant


35mm colour, unfortunately fogged but actually kinda looks good! Things seem to be going very wrong at start of my current project. But as its near end now, its very different from where it started. Which I think is a good thing?

Anyway keep watching this space, result of this project will be finished and uploaded soon. Its very different looking to this tho.