Preview of my exhibition piece

As seen in my previous post I announced the name and a few clues in the tags about my current work. Here another teaser and a preview of a small part of my work within  upcoming disclosure exhibition. Keep following my posts more announcements soon. Keep watching the skies

Link to our Facebook page which will be announcing more soon

Check out our website in progress

Found and Experimental

Found an interesting black and white neg lying unclaimed in the lost and found. I scanned it, and used a few apps to experiment with filters and colours. Then rephotographed it on my phone from a screen to get the wired line effect. It started out as some procrastination and curiosity then ended up with something pretty interesting. 

My photos featured in two local magazines!

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 20.31.20

Two of my photos from Moon Rover shoot featured in local magazines and online magazines!

See band interviews here:


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