Rotation week, fashion. Being given the theme Black, initially I was struggling for inspiration. I began brainstorming and soon came up with iconic style, with timeless classics for example the little black dress.

I liked the idea of using an iconic style influence. After researching further I chose Pop Art, I considered Roy Lichtenstein and focused on his dramatic dark out lines of the comic like style. This led me to think of make up. I then wanted to combine the two for my own work.
I decided to use photography for my piece, I researched photographer Cindy Sherman for influence. I photographed myself as the model similarly as she does as my starting point. I wanted to capture a ‘movie set’ image like she portrays in her work.

I developed further using my photography skills arranging my model in various poses. This let me gain more control of the camera and the model. I drew on the models face using make up, in a comic style to give a cartoon comic effect. I then later used a photo editing program to add more lines to the models face and hair. I decided to keep the style of Roy Lichtenstein but used a more stripped down version even more basic than his just including the black out lines. Relating back to the brief in a more direct way I chose to used black and white photographs to provide a more defined impact.
For my final collage I continued to incorporate the comic book style and used this format to enhance the effect, echoing the cartoon style of Lichtenstein’s work. To add depth to the final piece I mounted each part on black to create a subtle shadow and contrast.



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