Visual Communication

Rotation week: Visual communication, with the theme of Sonar. As an introduction to the topic we took part in a range of work shops where we illustrated our reaction to music played aloud. This allowed me to experiment with a range of techniques such as painting with sticks, found objects and even with my hands. I also experimented with a variety of different materials like inks, pencils, pens and collage in a response to the music. The mixed genres of music allowed me to use my mark making skills to create pieces that experimented with scale, colour, tone, shape and flow.

Visual Comunication development piece

In the workshops I used watered down inks and used a monochrome theme helping to focus more on the movement, flowing like the accompanying music whilst focusing on tones rather than colour. For the image shown on the left I used a Japanese paint brush. However this brush I picked up still had some paint left on it so when using it the ink was slightly tinted blue. This was a positive accident which I think works very well for this picture, all part of the experimentation process. On the photo you can see on the right I have used a metal ball bearing to dip in the ink and using my hand to roll it around the page. This hands on approach allowed me to control my mark making which I really enjoyed.

I further developed my work using my canvas on the floor and painting using tissue attached to the end of a rod. This enabled me to use my body for the brush stroke movements with bigger actions and more control also allowing me to utilise a larger space. Having the canvas on the ground made it easier to move around the work, and be more expressive in my painting technique, I was able to cover more of the canvas. I decided to use inks because of their vibrant colour, and I found that this worked perfectly with the base of black ink I had used. The vibrant colour merged with the black creating a contrast, becoming more prominent and gave impact.

Visual Comunication Final piece


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