Creative Destruction

Creative destruction

Initially I struggled for inspiration on this project. I began brainstorming my thoughts to help give me ideas, still I was unsure of what direction to take. I decided to jump straight into it by grabbing an object and destroying it using by what I had access in the studio.

Looking back at my brainstorm I found concept of melting very interesting. I loved the idea of it melting and destroying it’s originally form. I also became interested in the idea of the left over water being a trace for only a limited time until it evaporates.  This gave me and idea to give colour to the ice as the trace would be coloured. So I added paint and added food colouring to the water when making the ice. I then experimented by mixing the food colouring into the water and squeezing a dollop of paint to see if it keeps its form. I placed the ice on top of paper moving the ice around as it melted. I photographed this melting process by using a black and white film camera. I found some ice worked better than others due to the consistency of the colouring agents I used. The result of the black and white photographs shown below I feel are very dramatic.

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Next I experimented with freezing things, to see if the form changed when melted. So I froze many objects such as egg yolk, egg shell, tooth paste, berries, string and flower. Once again I photographed the melting process.

After experimenting with freezing things and melting things I found this a very challenging project and I had a limited time frame to complete it. Also subject was very difficult to capture so I began looking at my ideas again. I when looking back at what I had produced, I found that the strange metal object I impulsively destructed using glue at the start of my project looked more effective. I then experimented with the almost ‘dripping ice’ effect created with glue on other found objects. I took photos on the black and white film camera of all the objects I had destructed using glue. Which I however found didn’t work as well as my original. Going back to the original object but I wanted to give it a more dramatic look when photographing it so used a light box behind the object. This was very effective as the light from behind shone through the glue dips, this unusual lighting gave a spooky and weird look which I really like. I think it emphasises the unknown function of the object creating a more aesthetic appeal to it. When developing the film into photos I found they had worked very well but I liked the effect of the negatives, the inverted black and white on the film. So once I had produced the photos I scanned it in and used photoshop to edit the photo inverting the colour. I really liked the way simple change gave the photo a whole new dramatic feel.


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