This project’s brief was aimed at Bauhaus. After researching Bauhaus I found that strong shapes and bold colours played a big part in most of the work. With this in mind I decided to focus on shape and colour mainly in my work. I began looking at shapes around my studio and at buildings. I made videos of the roof of the studios as I placed the camera on stand with wheels. For some I span the camera round and round focusing on the industrial air vents, pipes, lights and the roof.


Later I photographed a building site near where I live as its structure had many interesting shapes. I continued photographing shapes I usually see in everyday places, paths, objects and buildings.  Looking closer at the pavements I began filming walking and spinning round on the spot. It was disorienting to do and when looking back at the video I feel it comes across very disorienting. I really liked this idea and wanted to develop it further.

Experimenting with my videos I altered filters and speeds. I then began overlaying many videos and effects.  So that multiple shapes where shown and as it moved more were being created. The colours added to the disorienting feeling and movements giving an almost kaleidoscope effect and look.


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