‘Gameplay’ project- Zombies trailer.

Project ‘Gameplay’ I wanted to relate to the idea of one of my favourite childhood games, ‘Cowboys and Indians’ however I changed it to theme which I like now: zombies.

I looked at Zombie’s Vs Survivors and 70’s horror films. I was also inspired by role play too,  and I wanted to mix the two together using a role play during photoshoots. This worked very well as I found my models naturally did this. I got my models to dress in their own idea of a casual survivor outfits and choose their weapons. From these photos I began making my own posters  inspired by 70’s film posters to advertise my own idea of a fake film. Swapping the stereotypical fighting boys and screaming girls, I had a team of girls to fight the zombies. I combined my own photos and images from a film magazine then photocopied and enlarged to collage them together to create my own poster.

As previously  inspired by artist Jamie Shovlin’s ‘Hikermeat’ his idea of creating advertisement and a trailer really interested me. Therefore I decided to create not just a film poster but also trailer for a film, however I would not make the film. Influenced by classic films such as ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ for their overly cheesy aged style which highly appealed to me, as well as being influenced by one of my personal favourite films ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ for its comic value and clever camera angles, I began to make my own.

I used a range of found clips from the internet and my own videos to make the trailer. I also used my own recordings of  voice clips as well as converting famous film trailer clips from films such as ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’, ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ and ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ into sound clips for my video. Using ‘Final Cut’ I faded clips in and out adding coloured filters too. I then slowed down clips for a more cheesy effect then finally added a track into the background of the trailer called ‘Dragula’ by Rob Zombie.  I am very pleased with the final outcome which was shown in an exhibition of my Foundation Art and Design course. I feel it is a strong piece of work as it gives a sense of fun and humour to the viewer as it did with my models/actors/actresses.

( Warning: As this video was part of an instillation there is a very long build up to the trailer and I will not be offended if u skip to  3 minutes 20 seconds, which is where the film trailer properly begins.)

Enjoy my light hearted film trailer of Zombies vs Survivors!

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