The Colour of Portraiture.

I wanted to push the boundaries of traditional portrait photography by using digital collage and combining it with my enthusiasm for colour. I wanted to explore my volunteer’s personalities and characters through the use of colour so I created social experiments to gain information to aid my judgment.

People often associate colours with feelings, the moods, cold and warm colours which I find interesting because everyone has their own individual opinion.

I began by asking the sitters to edit an image of themselves and choose colours to describe their character and personality. I then asked them to swap to a person then don’t know so well and judge their character using colour to represent their personal traits and characteristics. I was inspired by an interest in peoples ‘Auras’. I felt that in terms of colour and mood I gained a better understanding of the person.
The social experiments I involved the subjects by completing quizzes, firstly with a large group of fifteen before narrowing down to the selected nine presented here. The nine included a variety of people, those I knew well and those not so well. I felt this would give me wide range to work from. My study also included their hands on experiments by drawing into photos and collaging onto images. Considering my volunteer’s views and my own to explore techniques, such as overlaying colour using projection influenced by Anaisa Franco, I experimented with projecting coloured glass collages on to the person.

Whilst researching I was influenced by John Baldessari, I wanted to include parts of the actual photographs but add blocks of colour to emphasise certain points of the portrait. I used shapes and colour to emphasise my view of the personality and characteristics of the subject. This technique allowed me to create my own visual presentation using information gathered from each individual throughout my project. My use of digital collage led me to become interested in developing my interpretation of their personalities.

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I would like to develop my work further by working with the portraiture of each individual to show their personality within a pose. I would like to expand the techniques used within my project, in particular, colour darkroom photography to contrast with the digital pieces of work.
To explore my volunteers personalities and characters through the use of colour I created social experiments to gain information to aid my judgment.



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