‘The Street’

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This project was called ‘the street’ using 35mm black and white film. I chose to look at ‘the street’ in a different light to documentative style which I like but personally don’t think was challenging enough. This observation of smokers quickly turned into the focus topic. I was fascinated by the almost ritual like of smoking breaks of workers and the similarity of locations which smokers gather with people they may not know. I researched further into statics of health risks and amount of people in my city who smoke. As I myself don’t smoke I decided to look further into the effects on the body, to how much the habit costs, to the reason smoker’s smoke, to how it influences children, etc.

I started looking at photographing people on a break from work in smoking areas. Although this was problematic to the times I finished lectures to when the average fag break was. However I realised that these people didn’t care where they were smoking as long as they get a quick fix. Which also links to the addiction side of smoking. I thought weather would be a big impact too but I found that it had a little effect but people still did participated just hiding under shelter instead. I did find some of my friends who I photographed in the rain really didn’t care as long as they got the much needed stress relief of a quick smoke.

I went out on to the streets photographing people on their fag break however it was difficult to photograph people as the city has a lot of rough intimidating people. Some didn’t like the camera pointed at them and they thought I was photographing smokers in a bad light which I wasn’t. I wanted to try and understand there world a little more and change my opinion more. This made things harder and I had to really think about how to go about photographing people without them knowing, this lead me to try and hid what I was doing, waiting till they weren’t looking. I took another approach even photographing while I walk past purposefully blurring the image. This was very effective letting me capture the smokers amongst the rest of the crowd or in an area alone.

I didn’t want the smokers to dominate the focus in all my photos for my project as I thought it would give a more negative look to the project topic.


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