Domestic Abuse Campaign Posters

As my brief was to create a poster and a bill board style advert, I looked into domestic abuse for Home office campaign. I used a my own photos and combined found images from the internet to create graphic injuries within the images. I used my own words for the catch phrases and I feel […]

My version of the Cornetto Trilogy

For this project I used my favourite director Edgar Wright and his films as inspiration. I specifically looked at ‘The Cornetto Trilogy’ which includes ‘Shaun of the dead’ (2004), ‘Hot Fuzz’ (2007), ‘The Worlds End’ (2013).  I photographed myself and a friend who also loves the films. We acted as the main characters which have […]

Personal Environment And Personality.

For this project I looked into a personal Environment, such as places in my home town, streets and schools which mean something to me. This was photographed in a more documentative style to see if I can do so. After several problems with cameras ruining my films it wasn’t a good start. Another aspect I […]