My version of the Cornetto Trilogy

For this project I used my favourite director Edgar Wright and his films as inspiration. I specifically looked at ‘The Cornetto Trilogy’ which includes ‘Shaun of the dead’ (2004), ‘Hot Fuzz’ (2007), ‘The Worlds End’ (2013).  I photographed myself and a friend who also loves the films. We acted as the main characters which have a ‘bromance’ in each of the films. So Shaun and Ed from ‘Shaun of the dead’, Sargent Nicolas Angel and Sargent Danny Butterman from ‘Hot Fuzz’, Gary King and Andy Knightley from ‘The Worlds End’. I chose to stage some of my favourite scenes from the films. I looked at some of the most famous scenes in the films to replicate. As the films are low budget and set in the current time of the film I feel they look like an average day. This mimics the familiarity of seeing something in life which reminds a fan of the films.

Im pleased with the outcomes however I did have some issues such as bad weather. I also had some difficulties due to myself being in the images as it was hard to get the correct framing, setting the timer and running in shot but it added to the fun.  I feel the first and last images are the strongest as they are best replicated as possible and have a cinematic quality. I really enjoyed making these images and acting the parts out with my best friend.

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