Portraits: using 6 x 6 Hasselblad and 6 x 7 Mamiya.

In this portrait project I had to use flash, this led me to experiment with bright flash and light boxes. I wanted to create images with a harsh flash such as a pass port/ ID photograph.  My concept was to look at how an ID photos say nothing about a character/personality or the person and only used purely as an identification purpose. I wanted to recreate people’s horrid passport/ID photos. This meaning I had to see and hear their personal comments of their photo. I wanted to restructure the feeling of a pass port photo booth with in the studio. I used the lenses on the camera to distort the faces of the models slightly to give a more unflattering feel to the images.

I struggled using the Hasselblad, Mamiya and the flash therefore these images are very flat. However this works for the aesthetic I was looking for, of a mundane mass produced appearance. These images have a mug shot quality which I wanted to achieve and I feel the flat quality adds to this effect. Even though the images turned out more flattering than I was hoping to achieve. I am over all happy with these images even if they are flat I think it captures the feeling I wanted to come across perfectly.


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