Published in university Edition Magazine

I chose to enter one of my favorite pieces of work I have produced this year to the online magazine. I also made an A3 sized print of my photo and framed it in a old wooden frame for the first year exhibition. For the magazine I scanned in the 5 X 4 negative. From […]

Commission: Moon Rover band photo shoot

I was commissioned to do a photo shoot for a friends band Moon Rover. It honestly has been one of my favorite shoots ever, fantastic band which where great to work with both individually and as a group. However some technical things didn’t go to plan but improvising worked. I experimented with different lighting techniques […]

What is beauty?

In this project I wanted to compare the conventional idea of beauty with my personal idea of beauty. My idea of beauty is more like the traditional old masters portraits/paintings. I began looking into iconic painting for inspiration on poses and style of costumes, for example Vermeer’s ‘Girl with the pearl earring’, Leonardo da Vinci’s […]

Trip to New York (back in March 2015)

University trip to New York City back in March 2015. Such an amazing trip of a life time. Unfortunately took only a few photos due to the fact I was being too much of a tourist absorbed in the amazing city but I wouldn’t change that for the world. Fantastic vibrant City, I hope to visit again! […]

Constructed image: digital collage

In my digital project I took photos of my personal environment. I wanted to merge my reality with the surreal reality. I looked into how celebrities are seen in a god like way through media. Therefore I looked into combining celebrities and my reality. I took models and celebrities from magazines ripping around them for […]