Commission: Moon Rover band photo shoot

I was commissioned to do a photo shoot for a friends band Moon Rover. It honestly has been one of my favorite shoots ever, fantastic band which where great to work with both individually and as a group.

However some technical things didn’t go to plan but improvising worked. I experimented with different lighting techniques such as ring flash, flash with snoots/ soft boxes and tungsten. Poses where also improvised as the band where open to ideas which most importantly kept them  interested and excited throughout the shoot.

Happy clients make a happy photographer.

Check out the band Moon Rover’s page here. They are a brilliant band form the North East England, UK. If Grunge/Space Rock/Shoegaze genre is your thing give it a listen and a like on facebook!

Hope to work with them again in the future! 🙂


One thought on “Commission: Moon Rover band photo shoot

  1. Murphy’s law or rule..It seems to me things go exactly wrong at the most crucial juncture. I suppose that I should just not get upset over it. I dunno, your comments on the experience sparked that thought. I am going to check the fellows out.

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