Chemical Colour Prints

My first attempt with colour chemical printing. This project was a really short project about the colours and features that give each room in my home it’s character. I exposed the colours in each print to fit the colour/lighting in each of the rooms, to give a feeling of being in each room. I had […]

Narrative: ‘Like the good old days’

Warning:Strong language in this video. For this project I took to making a multimedia piece about my father’s early life working as a chef as the focus. I used a range of still photographs, short videos and recordings for the sound. I recorded him in my home environment cooking and sharing stories of him brilliant […]

Film Stills

This was  a very short project focused on the technique about the importance of understanding lighting and construction within films. I created a series of images form several films to capture the essence of each film. They aren’t perfect but Im please with them considering the little time frame and difficulties I faced.