Other Worldly Discoveries

So the out comes of this project include a journal (haven’t photography the whole thing too many pages) and a video. The journal is meant to be a collection of evidence/finds from an extraterrestrial enthusiast. The video a further look into strange goings on. The idea is that these where taken by the FBI and kept in hiding to not let the secret out.

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This project is all about questioning belief of beyond this world. The aim of the project is to get the viewer to consider believing in the extraterrestrial. The light hearted project for those who done believe in extraterrestrials, hopefully triggers memory of famous sic fi film . It’s been a challenging project as there was so many ways to go about it and so many ideas I had in such a small time frame. I’ve really enjoyed this project as its let me be completely experimental photographing science exhibitions in museums, down telescopes, long exposures (both with 35mm camera and digital) and collage. The video isn’t perfect but thats what I wanted, a cheesy ammeter style to give a humours feel to it. It’s up to the viewer if they think its a load of s**t or believe it.  I hope to continue this project further next year.

I received a lot of feed back from viewers and would be happy to answer more if you have any? Thanks 🙂


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