Moon Rover – Location shoot

Weather can really stuff up a location shoot, but when improvising in the middle of nowhere you can be surprised what turns out. The rain really didn’t help, I was soaked, the band where drenched and the rain ruined a few photos too. But a really good experience and learning on the go. Here are […]

The real world’s just not the same

Self portrait: The real worlds not the same. The adventures, power and oddness dreams contain are familiar but not the same. It’s like everything has lost its spark, life can be tedious and predictable. In dreams there is the tension of the unknown. There are no expectations, everything is a weird surprise out of your […]

New kit test: Ring Flash

(Order of flash defusers in photos: white, blue and yellow) Self portraits using my new toy Portable ring flash which screws onto the lenses of the camera or can be hand held. The flash ring has different coloured defusers; Blue for natural day-light effect, yellow for a warm glow, a slightly frosted and a more […]

this is just some of the weird stuff I dream… 2

‘Choking on technology’ Digital collage of a dream I had of eating strawberry laces (sweets), which then turned into wires and i began to choke. It was weird I woke up choking and coughing like it had actually happened.   I’m still experimenting with digital collage which is pretty new to me so don’t judge […]

And this is just some of the weird stuff I dream…

‘Add water to the fish finger babies to reactivate into human babies’ Simple digital collage of a weird dream I had. This idea all spurred from helping a friend with his project. I began writing my dreams down and started to realise mine are REALLY weird, this made me think I need to show people […]