Case Study: A1124NE

(Digital prints and a silent Video piece)

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Case Study: A1124NE‘ is comprised of prints and a video piece which explore the possibilities of the objects, initiating dialogue on their possibilities. It can offer potential, reality or fantasy.

In presenting this work the viewer is exposed to a collection of forensic evidence gathered by a government agency, the Unidentified Objects Government Research Agency. (U.O.G.R.A) The prints carry the co-ordinates information, hinting that there is an investigative manner to the work. The prints are presented black and white and square format, evocative of the 1960’s when UFO’s were a popular phenomenon for photographs, news and media.

The video is recorded with a level of instability to exaggerate the sense of an amateur documentation whilst witnessing a forensic investigation in various locations.

The work’s philosophy experiments with putting a narrative of possibilities to everyday scenes and objects, manipulating images reminiscent of previous decades where technology and science were the answer to everything. Both technology and science have evolved making advances, offering solutions to problems but still there are unanswered questions, inexplicable findings throughout the world.

Could there be more than meets the eye with these images?


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