In the beginning of 05/ 2019

My brilliant mini escape and I went to my happy place (basically any art gallery) for inspiration. I visited Liverpool’s Tate Gallery at the start of the month. The Tate was a lovely building and some of the exhibits were perfectly curated. I saw some incredibly powerful video art which was about black culture with […]

A quick catch up

It’s been a while since I got a chance to write a post for here. Personal life has been hectic. I’ver been struggling to find time for myself and therefore haven’t been in the best of places mentally. I started a new job before Christmas 2018, which is a great change.  The job is in […]

Placement- Supertato Event

I had the fantastic opportunity last week to Photograph Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet with their children’s story Supertato Event and Book signing. Children go wild for the character Supertato who of course is a super hero potato. It was a great event to photograph, Paul read/acted out the story with props and voices too. The […]

Placement- Magpie & Nest Studio Takeover

Photographing the exhibit in the studio being used by the public. The space is used for children to take part in craft workshops and share with their families/carers and enjoy. These photos are will mainly be used for Social Media content and brochure      

Placement- Tour Photos

I had the chance to photograph Nest Makers & Magpies Nest tour. Photographing the tour was a challenge with children unpredictably running around. Parents trying to avoid the camera but also trying to photograph their child on their phones, sometimes just in my shot. Children can be difficult to photograph either they hide away or spend […]

Placement- Product Photography

I have had the chance to photograph products for the bookshop’s website, Facebook shop and social media content. I photographed the products for the shops website on a plan white background using a mini fold up studio kit. Which works well. The Bag however would not fit in the mini studio kit and was photographed […]

Placement- Author Workshop

Photographing Jim Whalley’s Work shops in promotion for his first book Baby’s First Bank Heist. There where two work shops, the first for under 10’s featuring Whalley reading his book, burglar mask making and a bank heist game. The next for 10+ which entitled a work shop on writing and rhyming skills. The children and their […]

Placement- Sensory Session

I had the most wonderful chance to Photograph the first sensory session for Children here at my placement, at Seven Stories. The incredible team of ‘Story Catchers’ that work there have the ability to tap into every sense, working closely with less abled children and their parents/carers. This experience was so magical, seeing the children […]

Placement- The beginning

So I’m just over a month in on my placement as ‘Digital Bookshop Assistant’ at Seven Stories, The National Centre of Children’s Books Newcastle.  I’m really enjoying it, it’s such a fantastic opportunity too. My main role is to work with the Bookshop and their online shop. In my first week or so I photographed […]