Exhibition (See photos for real title)

Collaborating with local community E. E. NE (Extraterrestrial Experience North East) to raise awareness of the possibilities of extraterrestrial invasion. The Artist worked closely with a community member Sam Blackmore, inventor, who creates numerous devices to help improve his lifestyle. Photographing members of E. E. NE and following their stories of extraterrestrial interactions, documenting exact […]

Preview of my exhibition piece

As seen in my previous post I announced the name and a few clues in the tags about my current work. Here another teaser and a preview of a small part of my work within  upcoming disclosure exhibition. Keep following my posts more announcements soon. Keep watching the skies Link to our Facebook page which will […]

Other Worldly Discoveries

So the out comes of this project include a journal (haven’t photography the whole thing too many pages) and a video. The journal is meant to be a collection of evidence/finds from an extraterrestrial enthusiast. The video a further look into strange goings on. The idea is that these where taken by the FBI and kept […]

Self Negotiated: More Experimentation

Even more experimentation for my Self Negotiated project. The theme I chose to work with was questioning the belief of the extraterrestrial. This experimentation looked at the idea of everyday objects in an unusual situation. Also hinting towards novelty of well known Sci-fi films and there lack of props and technology compared to modern-day films. […]

Exhibition: My work ‘Lost and Found’

So Day 3 of my exhibition in a public space. My aim of the project is to get a reaction form my work which invades a public space. Whether it be from rain, graffiti or people simply ripping part of the poster to take away. As expected I had to replace a few posters which […]

‘Lost and Found’

My project which is part of my uni course exhibition http://www.amofp.co.uk/  We had to display photograph or lens based media work within a public space. My work is a photographic representation showing toys that no longer get played with within environments which no longer get used. The outcomes are a humorous twist on lost posters to make […]

Chemical Colour Prints

My first attempt with colour chemical printing. This project was a really short project about the colours and features that give each room in my home it’s character. I exposed the colours in each print to fit the colour/lighting in each of the rooms, to give a feeling of being in each room. I had […]

Narrative: ‘Like the good old days’

Warning:Strong language in this video. For this project I took to making a multimedia piece about my father’s early life working as a chef as the focus. I used a range of still photographs, short videos and recordings for the sound. I recorded him in my home environment cooking and sharing stories of him brilliant […]

Film Stills

This was  a very short project focused on the technique about the importance of understanding lighting and construction within films. I created a series of images form several films to capture the essence of each film. They aren’t perfect but Im please with them considering the little time frame and difficulties I faced.