What went wrong?


So third year seems not to be getting off to the best of starts. This was meant to be location shoot using 120mm with the Hasselblad however technical difficulty stepped in. Or maybe it was Aliens…. watch this space! 😉


Edinburgh Sun Sets


Roll back to April and my lovely trip to Scotland’s lush city of Edinburgh.

Wishing I was back there and on holiday. Beautiful sun set and a lovely holiday, take me back!

35mm film, (Film from the poundshop)

Summer’s over I guess

Cold dark early mornings filled with the hope of some energy and creativity. First week back of my final year at Uni. I’m glad to be doing something productive and trying to be creative again. But I’m not ready for the stress and the end of it all.

Exciting projects to come though!

(Just a photo of Maurice the cat yawning for you all. I feel it too buddy)

Eryngium Flower and a Busy Bee

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 15.57.36

This is the first time I’ve tried to photograph bee’s on flowers. It was pretty difficult to get a good view of the bee and the plants. My cat was also trying to catch the bee which didn’t help.

Eryngium (Sea Holly) also known as ‘blue thistles’ are so beautiful and unusual seems the bee’s like it too.

Manual Green

A day long project where I photographed as many green things as I could find around the house. Excluding plants and flowers.

It was actually quite hard to photograph some objects such as velvet which didn’t make the cut. I also wanted to get not just fully green things in the images too.  Turns out finding green things was pretty easy as my family are obsessed with the colour.

My trip to Leeds: Bradford Media Museum UK

Had a little trip to the Media Museum in Bradford while I was in Leeds. The Kodak Exhibition was really interesting, showing the history of photography. As I study photography I therefore already had most of the knowledge and didn’t photograph that exhibit.

However the Animation section was brilliant. Showed many sets and drawing from classic Stop-frame Animations. Here are a few photos from my visit, not great quality.
Sets from ‘Morph’ and ‘Andy Pandy’ children’s shows and characters ‘Wallace and Gromit’ in their side car.

Definitely worth a visit!

Moon Rover – Location shoot

Weather can really stuff up a location shoot, but when improvising in the middle of nowhere you can be surprised what turns out. The rain really didn’t help, I was soaked, the band where drenched and the rain ruined a few photos too. But a really good experience and learning on the go. Here are a few photos form the shoot, it was such good fun. It gave me the opportunity to use my new ring flash with both yellow and blue defusers with natural lighting too.

We are planning another shoot within the next few months hopefully with some sunshine.Watch this space.

Check out the band Moon Rover Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/moonroverband/?fref=ts

Check out their awesome music on band camp too: http://moonrover.bandcamp.com

The real world’s just not the same

IMG_7027 copy

Self portrait: The real worlds not the same. The adventures, power and oddness dreams contain are familiar but not the same. It’s like everything has lost its spark, life can be tedious and predictable. In dreams there is the tension of the unknown. There are no expectations, everything is a weird surprise out of your control.

Past project 35mm Neg scans

From pervious project about aliens/extraterrestrial ‘Other Worldly Discoveries’  these 35mm scared in  negatives where part of the project. Some photographs of lights, down telescopes and damaged negatives. I was asked to show them closer so enjoy!

New kit test: Ring Flash

(Order of flash defusers in photos: white, blue and yellow)

Self portraits using my new toy Portable ring flash which screws onto the lenses of the camera or can be hand held. The flash ring has different coloured defusers; Blue for natural day-light effect, yellow for a warm glow, a slightly frosted and a more dense frosted/white  tint! They are brilliant!  Love it!

Used it on a band location shoot which I will be blogging soon! 🙂

this is just some of the weird stuff I dream… 2

‘Choking on technology’

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 20.21.56

Digital collage of a dream I had of eating strawberry laces (sweets), which then turned into wires and i began to choke. It was weird I woke up choking and coughing like it had actually happened.


I’m still experimenting with digital collage which is pretty new to me so don’t judge on the skills! Enjoy!

And this is just some of the weird stuff I dream…

‘Add water to the fish finger babies to reactivate into human babies’

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 19.05.36

Simple digital collage of a weird dream I had. This idea all spurred from helping a friend with his project. I began writing my dreams down and started to realise mine are REALLY weird, this made me think I need to show people what I see. So I will continue to show my dreams in an ongoing series using digital collage, photographs and maybe drawings. Its just a fun and small personal project to share with you all.

We are all weird sometimes, enjoy! hahaha!

Other Worldly Discoveries

So the out comes of this project include a journal (haven’t photography the whole thing too many pages) and a video. The journal is meant to be a collection of evidence/finds from an extraterrestrial enthusiast. The video a further look into strange goings on. The idea is that these where taken by the FBI and kept in hiding to not let the secret out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This project is all about questioning belief of beyond this world. The aim of the project is to get the viewer to consider believing in the extraterrestrial. The light hearted project for those who done believe in extraterrestrials, hopefully triggers memory of famous sic fi film . It’s been a challenging project as there was so many ways to go about it and so many ideas I had in such a small time frame. I’ve really enjoyed this project as its let me be completely experimental photographing science exhibitions in museums, down telescopes, long exposures (both with 35mm camera and digital) and collage. The video isn’t perfect but thats what I wanted, a cheesy ammeter style to give a humours feel to it. It’s up to the viewer if they think its a load of s**t or believe it.  I hope to continue this project further next year.

I received a lot of feed back from viewers and would be happy to answer more if you have any? Thanks 🙂