Fogged but sort of relevant

35mm colour, unfortunately fogged but actually kinda looks good! Things seem to be going very wrong at start of my current project. But as its near end now, its very different from where it started. Which I think is a good thing? Anyway keep watching this space, result of this project will be finished and […]

Trip to New York (back in March 2015)

University trip to New York City back in March 2015. Such an amazing trip of a life time. Unfortunately took only a few photos due to the fact I was being too much of a tourist absorbed in the amazing city but I wouldn’t change that for the world. Fantastic vibrant City, I hope to visit again! […]

‘The Street’

This project was called ‘the street’ using 35mm black and white film. I chose to look at ‘the street’ in a different light to documentative style which I like but personally don’t think was challenging enough. This observation of smokers quickly turned into the focus topic. I was fascinated by the almost ritual like of […]