Star Cult Gig

So the other day I decided to get the camera out again because its been a while. I’ve got a new macro lens and I had the perfect opportunity to use it at my fiends gig. They supported some incredible bands and it was a brilliant night. 😀 Here are a few of my favourite […]

Case Study: A1124NE

(Digital prints and a silent Video piece) ‘Case Study: A1124NE‘ is comprised of prints and a video piece which explore the possibilities of the objects, initiating dialogue on their possibilities. It can offer potential, reality or fantasy. In presenting this work the viewer is exposed to a collection of forensic evidence gathered by a government […]

Moon Rover – Location shoot

Weather can really stuff up a location shoot, but when improvising in the middle of nowhere you can be surprised what turns out. The rain really didn’t help, I was soaked, the band where drenched and the rain ruined a few photos too. But a really good experience and learning on the go. Here are […]

Other Worldly Discoveries

So the out comes of this project include a journal (haven’t photography the whole thing too many pages) and a video. The journal is meant to be a collection of evidence/finds from an extraterrestrial enthusiast. The video a further look into strange goings on. The idea is that these where taken by the FBI and kept […]

Self Negotiated: More Experimentation

Even more experimentation for my Self Negotiated project. The theme I chose to work with was questioning the belief of the extraterrestrial. This experimentation looked at the idea of everyday objects in an unusual situation. Also hinting towards novelty of well known Sci-fi films and there lack of props and technology compared to modern-day films. […]

Simply elegant

This is a commission for a friend so she can turn the portrait into a painting. Capturing a half nude model in her natural beauty. Very simple flattering, flash soft box lighting in a studio set up. Really good to get back into studio’s, its been a while after a long summer off. I’m a little rusty […]

Clouded day

I promise I’d do a casual photo shoot with a friend so she could model for me. Sadly the weather wasn’t on our side with overcast and a chilly wind. We had no real plan for the images therefore involving a lot of improvising. Hard work paid off though. Really pleased with the simple portraits, a […]

Published in university Edition Magazine

I chose to enter one of my favorite pieces of work I have produced this year to the online magazine. I also made an A3 sized print of my photo and framed it in a old wooden frame for the first year exhibition. For the magazine I scanned in the 5 X 4 negative. From […]

What is beauty?

In this project I wanted to compare the conventional idea of beauty with my personal idea of beauty. My idea of beauty is more like the traditional old masters portraits/paintings. I began looking into iconic painting for inspiration on poses and style of costumes, for example Vermeer’s ‘Girl with the pearl earring’, Leonardo da Vinci’s […]

Portraits: using 6 x 6 Hasselblad and 6 x 7 Mamiya.

In this portrait project I had to use flash, this led me to experiment with bright flash and light boxes. I wanted to create images with a harsh flash such as a pass port/ ID photograph.  My concept was to look at how an ID photos say nothing about a character/personality or the person and […]

Still Life: Using 5 x 4

Still life project: I did my best to replicate two images one, Irving Penn’s ‘Bread, salt and water.’ and the other Charles Jones three ‘red onions’. For my brief I had to create two of my own still lives using the same props from the artist replication images. For my own still lives I used […]

Commission: Scout Vintage shop

I had the lovely privilege of photographing models in vintage clothing for ‘Scout’ vintage/charity shop in Sunderland, England, UK. Really happy with this commission as I think the models and the cloths look good. Really exciting to work with models even if it was awful weather. But its been great to see my posters going […]

Domestic Abuse Campaign Posters

As my brief was to create a poster and a bill board style advert, I looked into domestic abuse for Home office campaign. I used a my own photos and combined found images from the internet to create graphic injuries within the images. I used my own words for the catch phrases and I feel […]

Personal Environment And Personality.

For this project I looked into a personal Environment, such as places in my home town, streets and schools which mean something to me. This was photographed in a more documentative style to see if I can do so. After several problems with cameras ruining my films it wasn’t a good start. Another aspect I […]

‘The Street’

This project was called ‘the street’ using 35mm black and white film. I chose to look at ‘the street’ in a different light to documentative style which I like but personally don’t think was challenging enough. This observation of smokers quickly turned into the focus topic. I was fascinated by the almost ritual like of […]

‘Gameplay’ project- Zombies trailer.

Project ‘Gameplay’ I wanted to relate to the idea of one of my favourite childhood games, ‘Cowboys and Indians’ however I changed it to theme which I like now: zombies. I looked at Zombie’s Vs Survivors and 70’s horror films. I was also inspired by role play too,  and I wanted to mix the two […]

My visit to David Bailey’s ‘Stardust’ exhibition.

Being a fan of David Bailey’s work, I was keen to see his ‘Stardust’ exhibition in The National Portrait Gallery in London. To finally see a photographer’s work which I have admired for so long was an inspiring experience. To see photographs I have only ever seen on the internet or a postcard to […]