Self Negotiated: More Experimentation

Even more experimentation for my Self Negotiated project. The theme I chose to work with was questioning the belief of the extraterrestrial. This experimentation looked at the idea of everyday objects in an unusual situation. Also hinting towards novelty of well known Sci-fi films and there lack of props and technology compared to modern-day films. […]

Constructed image: digital collage

In my digital project I took photos of my personal environment. I wanted to merge my reality with the surreal reality. I looked into how celebrities are seen in a god like way through media. Therefore I looked into combining celebrities and my reality. I took models and celebrities from magazines ripping around them for […]


Rotation week, fashion. Being given the theme Black, initially I was struggling for inspiration. I began brainstorming and soon came up with iconic style, with timeless classics for example the little black dress. I liked the idea of using an iconic style influence. After researching further I chose Pop Art, I considered Roy Lichtenstein and […]