Preview of my exhibition piece

As seen in my previous post I announced the name and a few clues in the tags about my current work. Here another teaser and a preview of a small part of my work within  upcoming disclosure exhibition. Keep following my posts more announcements soon. Keep watching the skies Link to our Facebook page which will […]

Case Study: A1124NE

(Digital prints and a silent Video piece) ‘Case Study: A1124NE‘ is comprised of prints and a video piece which explore the possibilities of the objects, initiating dialogue on their possibilities. It can offer potential, reality or fantasy. In presenting this work the viewer is exposed to a collection of forensic evidence gathered by a government […]

Summer’s over I guess

Cold dark early mornings filled with the hope of some energy and creativity. First week back of my final year at Uni. I’m glad to be doing something productive and trying to be creative again. But I’m not ready for the stress and the end of it all. Exciting projects to come though! (Just a photo […]

Sunflower in the Summer

I wanted a contrasting bright blue against the bright yellow of the sunflower.With a little inspiration from Van Gough’s Sunflowers for a colour palette to work with. When looking closer into the image I realised there is a little bug on the petals of the flower. So small I couldn’t see it with my own […]